The Sirians – May 1, 2016



Sirians – May 1, 2016.

So far the changes have amounted to little more than a mole hill, yet it provides a good idea to where things are headed; but be assured our allies are hard at work and some of the changes will involve splitting up of many large Multinationals, “NGOs”, etc. To our dear Lightworkers who have been striving bring in expected changes it is now time rest and recover your energies, have trust and faith that the Galactic Federation along with the Ascended Masters will carry out the better part of Heavy Lifting to accomplish success with all the positive changes, as divinely decreed by heaven. With the old waning away be weary of that voice still promising power and gain in the illusion of separation from source; for you are the seeds of the New-age so hold your light and it will grow and bear fruit as it takes root in collective consciousness.

We have put on UFO displays to educate you to other possibilities – so allow you to, “connect the dots” in your own way. You all have played many roles over many lifetimes both dark and light; you have built up bad karma, so will have to bear that responsibility, this is in no way a judgment upon you, rather it is done to bring you back into equilibrium with all that is. Still it is easy to wallow about in past faults and failings, although by taking an honest and in-depth look at why and how you fell from grace, you then will do better next time, thereby clear and cleanse any troublesome issues once and for all.

There have been many setbacks to disclosure, however your confidence will be fully restored with mass landings and first contact, our ships are secured very close to your earth and can therefore be with you very quickly when we receive the signal from source. There are much positive events cued to happen, and till then try see the light and Love within all those encountered, also consider convening together often with those of your shared interests so to support and help one another. By now you are aware that the official space program is only a faint glimmer of your activities in space, and the greater part involves the secret space program; along with that your Star Families are hidden from view, yet know we hold you in very high esteem.

Public trials will be held for those who were part of the Dark Cabal, and it cannot be held back any longer, they have acted deplorably and will lose their ability to control you. Their dark influence has cast a shadow on all that your society does, despite their desperate attempts to hold on to power by any means, their deeds will be made know to all, so will have to face the consequences of their dastardly deeds. The Asian Elders are coming out of isolation and integrating with the rest of the world, for all has been calculated and accounted for, so no mistakes can be made and their vast Gold reserves will facilitate your entry into the Age of Aquarius.

Thank you Sirians.

Spirit Wind.