SaLuSa 13 June 2016


SaLuSa 13 June 2016.


You all individually are as the database of inspiration and guidance that you would look outside yourselves for. It is time now to help each other, in doing so help yourself.


The course of time has manifested your present world situation solely, yet as your current systems break down and eventually stop you have the opportunity to quickly change how things are done on your world, by implementing the use of free energy, anti-gravity, NESARA, and health-cures etc. Yes these things are happening Now, but slowly, with many problems encountered by inventors and activists who are seeking to help birth a Golden Age.


The Divine Plan will take a longer time, because our methods are not a bit like the Illuminati, they are an ancient group who have in many ways been involved in your affairs and taken advantage of you in an attempt set things to their liking, yet know in your heart you are free.


The New Age is not assured if the collective humanity does not choose return to the light and Higher Awareness as before your fall into limited consciousness; as well as choosing all that is beneficial for Humanity and Mother Earth.


Now you are a wash in information from all quarters, so it is recommended that you use your own inner intuition as the yard stick, many are doing this already, and others beginning. I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and the plan for you is still kept on track, we know you have many questions of why and how, most of them will be answered in the fullness of time.


Thank you SaLuSa,

Spirit Wind.