SaLuSa 17 June 2016



SaLuSa 17 June 2016.

On your world today there is a growing pressure called upon the illuminati to announce Full Disclosure. There is vast amount of information about us, yet they still refuse to acknowledge our presence publicly. The UFO cover up has continued for many years, however due to the weight and breadth of the raw data the tide of Disclosure cannot be held back for too long. Many of you have had contact with us assisted by Dr. Steven Greer and others. These communions and encounters have the effect of opening up your perception to other possibilities. Our allies have had much success – with many UFO files having been released by many countries and this is a step in the right direction.


From our ships’ deck we can see wonderful possibilities on the horizon and you too will soon see an opening up to new fields of positive changes. However you face a road strewn with setbacks and obstructions, but the light’s progress is inevitable and predestined. The release of the ‘Panama Papers’ has made it very difficult to finance more of these recent large scale terror attacks. It is by no means resolved and a lot more will be done to solve these problems.


You can be assured you are protected and safeguards are in place for any eventuality that would be disastrous or cause great loss of life. The Galactic Federation of light has powerful technological means at disposal to do what is necessary to protect your Star Nation. We are also closely monitoring what is happening in and around your solar system with the activities of the greys and reptilians, so the better protect you.


The path of ascension is a difficult one; you will fall down more than once on the path, yet know events in your life are in part orchestrated by your Guides and Angels, assisting and helping in your development at every stage. They are constantly nudging you to live out from your highest love and light. They work with you in step with your free-will to ensure all will Ascend in right timing; and by your vibration level will you find yourselves progressing to higher levels suited to your energetic alignment. Once you have chosen to spiritually evolve, signs and synchronicities will light your path ever onward toward Ascension.


The dark ones are trying to subtly seduce those light-workers and star-seeds that have the capacity for great influence away from the path of Light. They know who are divergent by the amount of higher light they shine-forth and their vibration has the ability to uplift and heal others. Tests and trials like these are part of the Divine Plan of the process of soul growth and evolvement. You have the Heavenly Hosts helping you overcome and set your sails to the light.


We are observing the many riots and protests over your elections in the US; both organizations must come together in peace as you have shared interests in your One Nation. We foresee that events will progress and resolve to a satisfactory conclusion for both parties, while fulfilling the needs of all concerned. Trump is being protected by us and we have the authorization to take action ensure his safety should a threat arise. We are working to assure the highest solution for all, which is fair and balanced. Despite the unrest you will continue on the path to higher more refined version of you, concluding in full ascension into a Being of Light. This has been Decreed by Heaven and you are all watched over and supported by the Children of Light.


Understand that you have left the higher Realms of Light and Oneness to study the functions of contrast, hierarchical social structures, oppositions and separation, etc. etc. However all the knowledge from the higher realms is still within you, but not at the level of words, and it is there for you to use on life path you have chosen, so trust your intuition. When you die to personal will, and follow the promptings of the universe, in the form you choose; whether that is with what resonates or following the synchronicities on your path, you shift to being in tune or in-sync with all that is around you; and finally achieve a transcendent state of consciousness where you experience All as One.


You are all very powerful creators and the guardians of that most sacred ascension process. It is understandable that those with higher awareness and perception find it hard to relate to those still stuck in duality and separation, but have faith that you have far more influence than you can possibly imagine. With the work you do to enlighten others and by holding space for highest vision of love and light you will enabled transcendence into a new way of being, thereby fly free and clear of control of Dark forces.


Obama’s Light has been weighed down by the pre-existing dark energies pervasive upon the earth, and had to undergo continuous decline toward lower frequencies, however a faint glimmer of higher light still shines from him. Nevertheless it is now time for a change in direction of the political scene, and with the enactment of NESARA or comparable – both America and the World may be rescued from endless economic constriction. You can choose to cross that bridge back to opportunity and abundance and away from the old ways of doing things. You can help raise the vibration by living out from your heart space. If All lived out from Love and kindness for one another and all life you would not need rulers.


We download solutions to receptive souls for the mastery of highly complex problems, like how to live in harmony and balance with Mother Earth and each other. You are not alone as we are all One, for we all are infinitely entangled at such a fundamental level, therefore we are right here with you and join in your desire to uplift the situation here and do what we can to assist in accordance with the stride set out by Heaven. This will continue until you return to the God Head and become One with all that is.


The time of the oppressors and controllers is coming to an end, with your freedom and sovereignty returning as events progress. I am SaLuSa from Sirius and send you our Love and welcome you to participate in the wonderful unfoldment of the New-Age.


Thank you SaLuSa,

Spirit Wind.