SaLuSa 14 July 2016



SaLuSa 14 July 2016.

We see many of you breaking with the old ways and are coming together in groups of like-minded individuals to develop the world vision you desire, and the future that awaits you is picturesque and vivid. While the details may be uncertain it will nevertheless manifest a Golden Age. This has been divinely decreed, yet it is your choice of the path you take to get there. You would be well-advised to choose a path of the heart, one that resonates with you. The dark forces continue to resist but their influence will wane as your light shines forth.

We thank the many lightworkers for the work done in bringing together all the many messages of light and broadcasting them out across the world, it is a great aid and it is succeeding in undoing the disinformation spread by the dark ones. Many lightworkers have worked hard helping others but it is now time to focus more on your own spiritual development and soul growth, so to avoid going backwards. Your path through duality and separation has been a veritable boot camp yet you have come out of it with flying colours. Silent meditation can help you gain perspective, renew and raise your energies. The foremost thing you can do is to raise your own vibration and that will also raise the collective vibration on Gaia. It is as they say, “a rising tide lifts all boats”.

The tax system has despoiled many, and most of it goes to pay interest on your own monies. This will end with a new precious metal currency and this will allow for a reunification of humanity. The trials and tests of the ‘Kali Yuga’ have been to outwork any remaining darkness within so you may rise up into the light unburdened by the lower vibrations. You are moving now swiftly into the New Age of Aquarius. It is for you to choose those paths that are for the highest good of all and the better for Gaia. She is a higher version of you, and as your nature changes so will hers.

You are being propelled into ever greater levels of Love and Light; and as you go fully into the heart your Merkaba will start to spin and light up. We see now that your politicians are legalising cannabis in many places, however if this is abused it will have the effect of lowering your vibration, and drastically damage your Chi/Prana or life-force; also negatively affect your ability to be dependable and trustworthy. From our vantage point in the higher realms time is like a flat field we can look across, so we have seen your Ascension into your blissful hyper-dimensional infinite Light, so you can rest assured of success. With the help of your Guides and Angels the process will be easier. To be trapped in the body is bondage, when you unlock and open your new light-body you will be able to do things you cannot even imagine now, travelling both time and dimension; then to continue the cycle of helping others rise up as others have helped you.

The Germans are in an ominously precarious position and are left financially exposed by the Brexit. This example has imparted an important lesson. Other nations and peoples have vast and varied things to offer for the better. The Trade barriers of a fortress EU may have been necessary in the past but in your diverse economy today it is not as important. You are facing a roller-coaster ride of Events which will result in learning how you are creating and choosing the reality you experience daily.

The shootings of African Americans has caused a great coming together across your nation in an attempt to heal the wounds of the past, this has sparked a new consciousness for greater tolerance and compassion and will lead to a new time of peaceful coexistence. It is often difficult for many of you to see the larger picture, but this can be done by adding a higher perspective to whatever is encountered. Then as you go about your daily life this will carry over into your experience. Humanity will eventually return to full consciousness and this planet will be a paradise once more. This is a journey of rediscovery and reconnection with who you really are.

All over your globe aboriginal lands and rights have been trampled on, and many have had to face an untimely death. This attitude grows out of a climate of separation; a deep seated sense of seeing yourselves as different from another. This separation consciousness is now dissolving, and many are now seeing the oneness of all. The veil is thinning as the feminine energies pour in, enabling you to connect with the lighted realms easier. As this progresses all arrogance and the monstrosities of present time will be translated into Light and Love.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and great things are possible now, women will come more into positions of power, and you will have a very compressed renaissance, with allot of positive events happening at once: free energy, anti-gravity and long suppressed technologies coming to the fore, as well as new ways of doing business in more harmonious and balanced ways, and with all peoples rights and freedoms restored.

It is not ascertainable as to exact details of the World Currency Revaluation because of disagreements with a Middle East Nation; however the RV will go ahead regardless of any holdouts with the help of China’s influence.

Our Love and blessings go out to you.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Spirit Wind.