Higher Self – 5 September 2016

Higher Self – 5 September 2016.

Dear Ones, negative emotions(shame, guilt, revenge, hate, judgement of other, pride, etc. etc.) are themselves an invitation to resolve those issues that plague you. Instead of feeling shameful that you cannot be the Light and Love in every moment, try to examine how you can resolve these problems. There is a tendency by some lightworkers to “bliss-out” on a type of ‘I AM’ oneness that gives a temporary  feeling of freedom, but ask yourselves is this Truly Freedom? or are you just running away from some very difficult and intense emotional trauma you do not want to face up to? This one, has had rebirth many times, too many to count, and can promise you ‘Life’ is what you are cursed with, and not death, as that would be all too easy. So there is no running away from your problems; you will have to face them over and over again until you resolve them.

Relationships – Soul-mates:

Many are seeking their twin flame, and we would tell you that pride is the main reason people have problems within relationships. In a relationship you are having to admit that you need the other person, and because of past trauma many cannot do this, so work on your pride, self-importance really hides weakness. Ask yourselves does the polar bear advertise his strength? you rather do not see him until it is too late. So pride needs to be worked on and defused.

Jealousy – Hatred – Revenge – Anger:

People many times blame others for their short comings, when the other is not the issue. The issue is rather, that this is a world of energies first; and matter second and simply the reflection on the wall. If you want to create change you must create energetically first, then the outer will reflect that. So these emotions are a sign you need to work on your manifestation skills.

Shame – Guilt – Harsh Judgement of others:

These emotions are a sign you have not learned important lessons for your highest potential and the highest good of all. Instead of wallowing in these emotions go within and ask what are the lessons that these emotions are trying to teach me? When the answer comes back… and you see what source is trying to teach you, then you will really have true freedom; for you will not judge others because you do not judge yourself. This happens when you truly see and understand that these emotionally painful experiences are simply lessons that need to be learned and bypassed. Then you have integrated the heart intuition of oneness with the mind understanding, enabling you to truly love others and yourself, and integrate your shadow side to become complete.

Blessings of Light to one and all,
Spirit Wind.


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